London’s Cafés, Coffee Shops & Tearooms

This book is a celebration of London’s ever-increasing wealth of excellent independent cafés, coffee shops and tearooms – as well as places specialising in afternoon tea, breakfast and brunch ? all of which have enjoyed a renaissance in the last decade and done much to strengthen the city’s position as one of the world’s leading foodie destinations.
    The number and variety of independent cafés in London has flourished in recent years, and if the city didn’t have a café culture a few decades ago, it certainly does now. The quality and variety of food and drink served in cafés has improved beyond recognition in the past ten years, and is now on a par with (or better) than that of many restaurants – and the bill is invariably much lower. In fact, if you want to have a good lunch (or, increasingly, dinner) in London and don’t want to pay a fortune, a café is often your best bet.
    Coffee sales in Britain have grown rapidly in the last decade or so, as has the number of coffee shops.


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