London’s Hidden Secrets

Unusual tourist guide to London’s hidden and lesser-known sights. Takes you off the beaten path to seek out the more unusual places that often fail to register on the radar of both visitors and residents alike. ‘Highly Recommended’.


London for Foodies, Gourmets & Gluttons

London for Foodies, Gourmets & Gluttons is much more than simply a directory of cafés, markets, restaurants and food shops. It features many of the city’s best artisan producers and purveyors, plus a wealth of classes where you can learn how to prepare and cook food like the experts, appreciate fine wines and brew coffee like a barista. And when you’re too tired to cook or just want to treat yourself, we’ll show you great places where you can enjoy everything from tea and cake to a tasty street snack; a pie and a pint to a glass of wine and tapas; a quick working lunch to a full-blown gastronomic extravaganza.        So whether you wish to revitalise your jaded palate, increase your culinary repertoire, expand your foodie knowledge or experience the ultimate in fine dining – or maybe you’re just hungry – you’re bound to find inspiration in London for Foodies, Gourmets & Gluttons.

A Year in London

An exhaustive guide to 365 days in the most exciting, inspiring, beguiling, engaging city in the world! London is a vast, sprawling collage of a city that’s like no other, with so much to thrill, fascinate, divert and intrigue you. When you’re seeking something to prise you off the sofa on a Sunday afternoon or a diversion to keep the kids amused, this is the book for you!

London’s Best Shops & Markets

The UK is a nation of diehard shoppers. Retail therapy is the country’s favourite leisure activity – an all-consuming passion – and London is its beating heart. It’s one of the world’s most exciting shopping cities, packed with grand department stores, trend-setting boutiques, timeless traditional traders, edgy concept stores, absorbing antiques centres, eccentric novelty shops, exclusive purveyors of luxury goods, mouth-watering food emporiums, bustling markets and much more. You’ll find them all featured in the pages of London’s Best Shops & Markets, including many hidden gems.   In the 18th century Napoleon allegedly  dismissed England as ‘a nation of shopkeepers’ − and he wasn’t wrong. Today there’s an army of would-be entrepreneurs eager to follow in their ancestors’ footsteps, despite the not inconsiderable financial risks, and make their fortune by ringing the tills. London’s Best Shops & Markets is (with a few exceptions) a celebration of the city’s independent shops.